High Pressure Shower Heads – What you Need To Know

imagesFor me, showering is not simply a way to get clean. The shower is where I relax and let go of all of my cares. When I am stressed out, I just go into the shower for an hour and come out refreshed and renewed. It doesn’t matter what is happened that day. A good hot shower will always make me feel better. Click here to find out more about installing a high pressure shower head.

When I first moved into my house, I thought the shower pressure was miserable. I figured that the plumbing was old or something. There’s not much you can do about that. Fixing it will cost thousands of dollars. I found out that the problem was much easier to fix. Once I got a high pressure shower head, it worked like magic.

You might think that high pressure shower heads are not very important to the quality of your shower, but you are dead wrong. You see, with this big water conservation craze, many people put in water saving shower heads. Some of these are alright for people who just use a shower to get clean, and some of them even do have a pretty high degree of pressure, but for people like me who really enjoy their showers, they are not enough. Without a high pressure shower head, a shower is practically worthless to me. My wife tries to guilt trip me about using up too much water, but I don’t pay her any mind. I just turn on the high pressure shower head and drown out all my cares!
The best thing about high pressure shower heads is that they work even if the water pressure is only so-so. They concentrate the stream of water, causing it to feel like gallons and gallons are pouring down on you. There are actually water saving high-pressure shower heads for just this purpose, but in our house, the plumbing is good enough that we don’t need them. I don’t mind wasting the water. We live in an area with plenty of water, so I don’t feel too bad about it. For me, the high pressure shower head is worth it. I almost couldn’t get by without it.

It can be very hard to pick out the right high pressure shower head. It isn’t like picking out a bed. You can’t try out each high pressure shower nozzle and see if it is right for you. You have to go on faith. Consumer Reports can help, but I had to go through three or four before I found one that I really liked. Oh, and remember to get it installed by a reputable plumbing contractor such as MES FM